Malawi Unlocked: Airports Open in Malawi

Malawi has taken the first step towards the return of tourists to the Warm Heart of Africa as the Department of Civil Aviation announced the lifting of the suspension of international flights as from 1 September 2020. A limited number of flights can now operate to and from Lilongwe airport.

Ethiopian Airlines has already resumed flights to Lilongwe, connecting through their Addis Ababa hub to a variety of international destinations. Initially, flights are limited to just a couple per week. Please check the airline’s website for the latest flight schedules.

With the re-opening of the airports, Malawi is now open to all nationalities, with visa regime operational prior to COVID-19 back in force. But there are also some new COVID-related rules to entry as detailed below, including a 14-day self-quarantine period.

Although there are still some hurdles to be removed to allow the proper return of international tourists, the first step has been taken and we are confident that that others will follow on soon.

The Announcement from the Department of Civil Aviation is below.

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Lifting of Suspension of International Commercial Flights

This AIC A5/2020 is promulgated for information, guidance and necessary action

Reference is made to AIC 04/2020 issued by the Government of the Republic of Malawi through the Department of Civil Aviation suspending international commercial flights with effect from 01 April 2020. While noting the continuance of the Covid-l9 pandemic, the Government of the Republic of Malawi has carefully considered the adverse effects of the suspension of air travel on all the sectors of the economy and has therefore decided to lift the suspension with effect from 01 September 2020. Mindful of the various health protocols that have to be observed in a bid to control the spread of the virus, initially only a limited number of fights shall be allowed to operate; and the operations shall be restricted to Kamuzu International Airport only until further notice.

In light of the foregoing the general public, travelers, air operators and all aviation stakeholders are advised to note the following:

1. All arriving passengers into the Republic of Malawi shall be required to produce a negative SARS Cov-2 PCR test certificate obtained within 10 days prior to arrival in Malawi. Any passenger without the said certificate will be denied entry. All arriving passengers will be required to proceed on self-quarantine for 14 days during which time they will be followed up by Health Authorities.

2. As it is now becoming a standard requirement for air travel, all travelers originating from Malawi shall also be required to hold a negative SARS Cov-2 PCR test certificate conforming to the prescription of the Authorities at their intended destinations.

3. Arriving passengers may be required to provide samples for Covid-19 testing. Samples will be collected at the airport and test results will be communicated to the concerned within 48 hrs;

4. Any symptomatic passengers will be handled according to specific guidelines laid down by the Health Authorities;

5. All travelers and service providers shall observe the infection control protocols such as social distancing, hand washing/sanitizing and wearing of masks as necessary, body temperatures will be checked at various strategic points;

6. All arriving passengers shall fill and submit Travel Surveillance Forms (TSF) which shall be made available on board aircraft or in the airport terminal building. The duly filled forms shall be handed over to Health personnel in the terminal building;

7. All air operators shall be required to institute all the necessary corona virus spread control measures including disinfection of aircraft at origin and termination points of a fight, wearing of masks at all times during fight and hand washing/sanitizing by crew and passengers and limiting movements within the cabin;

8. Any suspected Covid-19 case(s) while in flight shall be reported by the flight commanding officer to the port health office at the airport through Air Traffic Control.

9. All air operators shall provide advance passenger manifests with itinerary details for every passenger to the relevant port health office at theairport;

10. All masks and/or gloves used during flight shall be disposed of in designated waste collection containers at the airport;

11. In a bid to decongest the terminal buildings, other than the airport workers, only travelers shall be allowed inside the airport terminals, welcomers, escorts and taxi operators shall be restricted to the car park areas.

12. The following mobile network numbers should be used to report any suspected cases of, or for any further information on, COVID-19 while in Malawi:

TNM: 929 Airtel: 54747

13. The guidance in this circular will be updated in line with any developments regarding the pandemic. Travelers and the general public are called upon to familiarize with the contents of the Malawi Gazette Supplement dated 07 August 2020.

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