Malawi Unlocked Part 2: Travel Trade Resources

As the world starts to stretch its legs again and interest in international travel rises, Malawi will be a perfect destination for post-lockdown travel and so we wanted to make sure that Malawi is part of your discussions with your clients. We have sent out a series of emailers in July/August 2020 to help tour operators and travel agents re-establish Malawi as a destination for their clients. The first runs through some reasons why Malawi is a great destination to consider at this moment, plus some of the practicalities. Click here to view that online. The second, repeated here on this web-page, covers the various Resources that we provide to help international tour operators and travel agents to include Malawi in the destinations offered to their clients. The third details some of the marketing support that we provide to the travel trade, to help you sell Malawi to your clients. Click here to view that online.

  • Trade Resources Site
    For further information on Malawi, please use our Resources website as your starting point:
    This is a site set up specifically for international tour operators and travel agents who might be interested in selling Malawi to their clients. It contains hotel and lodge information and trade rates, plus destination information, details of tour/safari companies, promotional videos and a high res image library.
    We are in the process of updating the Resources to include 2021 rates sheets and COVID-19 protocol documents. Meanwhile, Malawi’s national COVID-19 guidelines can be downloaded by clicking here.
  • Brochure/Directory
    The 2020 edition of the Best of Malawi brochure/directory includes an overview of Malawi and its attractions, plus a detailed directory of those members of Malawi’s tourist industry (accommodation plus tour/activity providers) who are focussed on serving the international market. It can be viewed on the following links: PDF or eBook
  • Latest Development
    News on 2019 & 2020 Developments in Malawi (pre-COVID) can be found on the files in this folder
  • Presentations
    For trade presentations on Malawi and its key attractions, please click here. These cover the key attractions of Malawi and are primarily visual, with one including an audio voiceover (10 mins).
  • Wildlife Renaissance
    If you are interested in the exciting developments currently going on in Malawi’s Parks & Reserves courtesy of African Parks, and the transformation of the country’s wildlife and safari experiences, we have a folder full of information on that which is continuously updated. Click Here to view that.
  • Public Information Pack
    To see the general information and advice we give to travellers, please click here to take a look at our digital tourist information pack on Malawi:
  • Consumer Website
    Our consumer-orientated website also has plenty of general information:
  • Videos
    To see the latest videos (including some great thematic ones), it’s easiest to take a look at our YouTube Channel here: Malawi You Tube. (A number of the general promotional videos are available as downloadable files from the Resources site)


We hope these Resources are of use to you but please do let us know if there is anything else that you need from us regarding Malawi.

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