Malawi Resources: File Structure

All our Resource are stored on Dropbox. This ensures that the information available to access is as up to date as possible.

The links below will take you directly to the specific folder you click on. By clicking on the “Resources Main Folder” button at the top you can view all our files from the top level, meaning you can navigate around all files within Dropbox. Alternatively, if you keep this page open in a tab in your browser you can return to it and use it as a menu to go straight to specific subfolders.

All the files can be viewed via Dropbox by visiting this site and using these links at any time. You are also welcome to download any or all of the Resources to your own hard drive. Please follow the instructions to the right if you wish to download any files.

For the easiest way to access product information and images quickly we recommend using the interactive map.


   Resources Main Folder Root Access to our Resources to download all files and browse Dropbox.
Product Information On A Map Direct access to rates, product information & images for accommodation and tour companies via our Malawi map.
Product Information by A-Z Direct access to rates, product information & images for accommodation and tour companies listed A – Z.
Product Information by Company Product information: Accommodation, Tours, Safari & Transport listed by company / group.
Just Rate Information Individual Rate information for all Malawi Products – Root Folder.
Accommodation Price Guide Price guide for all accommodation on one document.
Accommodation Rates documents for all accommodation.
Transport Transport Rates.
Tours / Safaris Tours & Safari Rates.
Important: Images in the Photo Library are under copyright and are provided for use by the international travel trade when promoting Malawi. Anyone else in need of Malawi images (including members of the media) should contact us for permission.
Malawi Photo Library A full library of Malawi images organised by region, then location.
General Malawi Information General information including travel advice, itineraries, park fees and product developments.
COVID-19 Documents Government Guidelines on COVID-19 and independently produced documents from Malawi’s lodges and tour companies.
Presentations A few sort presentations giving an overview of the country’s tourism.
Brochures & Videos General brochures and videos of Malawi.
Key Contacts Key names and contact information of Malawi Product Providers for the trade.


If you have any problems accessing our Resources, please let us know. If there’s anything you are looking for that you can’t find, contact us directly and we’ll do our best to obtain it for you.


Helping Tour Operators Sell Malawi

As well as providing these Trade Resources, the Malawi Travel Marketing Consortium is committed to a variety of activities aimed to assist tour operators in selling Malawi to their clients. Details of these, and how you can benefit from them can be viewed by clicking here. Please make sure you are on our databases and making the most of these initiatives to raise awareness of, and demand for Malawi; and please do contact us if there’s anything else we can do for you.

Downloading Files

A Specific File

Once you have found the file you would like to download, you can then choose to either do a direct download of that file, or you can alternatively click ‘Add to Dropbox’. If you have a Dropbox account and are already signed in, then this file will be added directly to your Dropbox folder. You can access these options by clicking on ‘download’ in the top right hand corner of the Dropbox page.

A Whole Folder

If you want to download the entire contents of a single folder, then simply navigate to that folder, and click on download. As with an individual file, you then have two options. You can download the entire contents of the folder you are viewing as a zip folder, or alternatively, click ‘add to Dropbox’ and a new folder (a copy of our folder) will be added to your Dropbox. Our Dropbox is ordered in a way that makes it easy to navigate around. If you wish to download a folder, you can do this even if it contains additional folders within. For example, if you click on the ‘Product Information By Company’ folder, that will take you to our Product root folder – where you can access all information for all products. If you click ‘download’ at this point, the entire contents of the ‘Product Information By Company’ folder will be downloaded. If you click on an individual company – and then click download, it will download only the folder for that product. And so on as you navigate round the folders.

The Entire Resources

You can download the entire Resources in the same way that you would download a single folder. Go to our ‘Resources Main Folder’ so that you can see all the main sub-folders listed here on this page. Use the ‘Resources Main Folder’ link at the top of the folder list. Then just click either download as a zip folder, or add to Dropbox. This is a very large file however and so we would suggest that you download this into a Dropbox folder, rather than a zip file.


You can navigate around our Dropbox simply by using your web browser. The ‘back’ and ‘forward’ buttons are both active within the folder so use these to switch between earlier and previously viewed files.

All Available Online:

– Product Information by Company
– Product Information on a Map
– Product Information A – Z
– Just Rate Information
– Malawi Photo Library
– General Malawi Information
– Brochures & Videos
– Key Contacts

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