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About Malawi

‘Most attractive’ may seem to be an extravagant claim for such a small country (by African standards) but the truth lies in the unique combination of attractions that Malawi has to offer. Where else will you find such a genuinely warm welcome in a country at peace with itself? Where else can you experience such a diverse scenic kaleidoscope in such a small area? Here you have central Africa’s highest mountain, vast high plateaux with seemingly limitless views, forests and unspoilt game parks and, the jewel in the crown, Africa’s third largest and most beautiful lake – truly an inland sea. All of this topped off by the Malawians themselves – the friendliest people in the world!

For decades now, Malawi has been known as the Warm Heart of Africa. Yet try as one might to think of a new title, it has to be admitted that these four words so fittingly sum up all that is the visitor’s impression of the country there seems little point in seeking change. Malawi welcomes its visitors from overseas with a genuine warmth that is truly unforgettable. Whether they be first time visitors to Africa or old Africa hands, Malawi is the place from which they return home with fond memories and a wish to return.

As well as the warmth of the welcome the visitor receives, there is a whole host of activities to choose from: safaris by 4×4, by boat, or on foot; sailing, kayaking, snorkelling, scuba diving, water-skiing and much more on the Lake; trekking, climbing, mountain biking and walking in the highlands & forests; or just relaxing on a golden sand beach or watching game at a waterhole. There are even art safaris, pottery courses and yoga holidays. Malawi is exceptionally family-friendly and there’s so much available to keep everyone interested.

Malawi’s tourism has witnessed unprecedented development in recent years. New lodges have opened and many existing hotels and lodges have been enlarged and upgraded. Majete Wildlife Reserve continues to re-build its stock of game, with predators introduced this year as it attained ‘Big 5’ status. Another of Malawi’s wildlife reserves, Nkhotakota, a rugged undiscovered wilderness, has international standard lodges and funding now for restocking. Horse riding safaris are to be reintroduced in the famous Nyika National Park.


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