Malawi Unlocked Part 3: Marketing Support

As the world starts to stretch its legs again and interest in international travel rises, Malawi will be a perfect destination for post-lockdown travel and so we wanted to make sure that Malawi is part of your discussions with your clients. We have sent out a series of emailers in July/August 2020 to help tour operators and travel agents re-establish Malawi as a destination for their clients. The first runs through some reasons why Malawi is a great destination to consider at this moment plus some of the practicalities. Click here to view that online. The second covers the various Resources that we provide to help international tour operators and travel agents to include Malawi in the destinations offered to their clients. Click here to view that online. The third, repeated here on this web-page, details some of the marketing support that we provide to the travel trade, to help you sell Malawi to your clients.

Website, News & Blogs

Our top ranked website is THE source of information for tourists looking to visit Malawi. It has a range of accommodation options, general information and travel advice. Ranked only second to wikipedia on google, the site attracts thousands of unique visitors every month. The website also includes lists of international operators selling Malawi, so driving clients directly to you.

  • If you aren’t on those lists but should be, let us know and we’ll add you immediately: Click here to check.
  • Promote your own company on our site: We’re looking for blogs and news to go up on our site on a regular basis. If you have a Malawi–focused news item: perhaps a new Malawi tour being launched, or even some updated Malawi pages on your website; or a blog post about Malawi: perhaps some feedback from a client or staff member who has visited; we’ll be happy to post them on our site. Anything posted can include a byline and a link to your company website. They will also be highlighted on our social media channels and included in our Newsletters, sent to a few thousand subscribers every month. Use these links to see past news and blogs, and to send us a contribution please click here.

Social Media

We run Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts for Malawi’s tourism which are kept active through the week.

  • Please do take a look at our feeds and Like, Follow and Share!
  • Please tag us in, or alert us to any status updates or tweets about Malawi, we’ll be happy to share those with our followers.
  • Credit for Content: We are also currently looking for as much varied, strong Malawi content as we can for our posts. If you have any really good images or videos from Malawi that you are happy to share with us, please send them over and we’ll give due credit when using them.

Marketing Resources

We have a huge number of Malawi marketing assets including an excellent high res image library and a set of videos. So, if you are looking to feature Malawi on your website, in your newsletters or on your own social media channels, please take a look at our Trade Resources website for anything you need:
And if you can’t find what you are looking for, just contact us and ask.

Digital Flyer

We send out a digital Malawi tourist information packs to all public enquiries we receive.

  • If you can create a Malawi-focused digital flyer, we can add that to our digital info packs.

As and when we get closer back to ‘normality’ and further opportunities return, we will also be keen to work with you and support you in even more marketing activities, including consumer travel shows and media trip sponsorship. Meanwhile, we look forward to hearing from you if any of the marketing above is of interest at this time.

Using our Resources

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